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An update to this posting below.  If you have clicked on , it has been redirected to this blog.  In the past, it was routed to  .  We have decided to focus on building e-Conversation Solutions.  Consequently, this blog will become come the destination of


After spending many years in corporate business management and sales,  I decided to take a break and return to a passion.   Many people didn’t know that I had a degree in Radio/TV/Film.  I had worked as a TV producer/director and film buyer.

Over the last few years, I have become interested in the interview as a way of communicating knowledge.  Interview construction has become critical, as social media and Web 2.0 become pervasive.  In the past, a company had sales people.  These sales people reached out with the answers to help buyers make decisions.   As internet enhancements become ingrained in buyers behaviors, increasingly, buyers want to find those answers on line.

So the company conversation is being transformed.   Instead of a sales team with the answers, a company needs to put those answers up on the internet.  Purchasers will find the answer.  When they accumulate enough answers to be ready to purchase, then they will contact the company.

Easier said than done.  How do you create the answers, in byte size pieces?  Users are looking for answer bits.  Through the interview process you can create these answer bits and post them in the format and place that your buyers shop.

So, I help you manage the e-conversation.  Create a regular TV show.  Take that TV show and cut it into byte size pieces on YouTube etc.  Then reconstruct the content in Blogs and Twitter.  Drive traffic to your sales engines.


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  1. You are right that the days of a sales person bringing value by having answers is now passing – customers are getting used to having information available as they want it so the sales role is becoming increasingly one about getting the questions right.

    An interview style FAQ or Q&A sounds like a good approach.

    Comment by Bill — August 2, 2009 @ 2:26 pm

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