Mark E Goodman

January 23, 2010

Everyone wants something for free

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Recently it seems like everybody wants something for free.  Our first reaction as small business people is to reject the idea as unfair.  Sure, if you are running an ice cream shop, handing out a tiny spoon, while the person is in the store deciding what flavor to buy is a no brainer.  You know that they are going to purchase, so just build an extra half ounce into your pricing model.

But how about services, how do you give something away.  Recently, I have been shopping for a logo.  I came up with a number of home grown concepts, shopped them around my network and got some good responses.  However, a number of people suggested that I consider getting quotes from professional designers.

I reached out to two companies.  I sent each one my concepts and what people had said about them.  I figured that I was at least half way there.  One company took my email and without asking turned around a concept that got me about 80% of the way there… at no charge to me.  Another one, scheduled a call, did not call me.  When I called them, they did not acknowledge the receipt of my material; were peeved that I did not recognize their design brilliance; announced their price, then ended the discussion.  Took all of about 5 minutes.

Who do you think I will purchase from?

Sharon Aby discusses the 4 step sales process of Awareness, Education, Consideration, and then the buyer purchasing.  If you can get someone to consideration, I would suggest that you think about “Free”.   Offer a workshop at no charge, or coupon for one of a series, or a no charge assessment.

What the heck, if everyone wants something for free… give it to them!


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