Mark E Goodman

October 15, 2009

3 Tips for Video Interviews on the Internet

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Informational videos on YouTube and other internet video services have become widespread.  If you are doing a video, consider these tips.

  1. Before you go on the air, review your questions with your guest.  A review will insure :
    1. Your guest answers the question that you ask
    2. When on camera, your guest responds quickly with a well thought out answer
    3. You avoid a question that your guest does not want to answer
  2. At the beginning of the interview ask the guest to establish their expertise on the topic.  (“I am Director of Internet Services for BigCo.  In that job I am responsible for the management of our Twitter, YouTube, etc…)
  3. If you think a guest comment is unclear, restate it for the audience and make sure that the guest is in agreement.  It’s OK, if it needs to be clarified.

Lastly, if you are editing, consider more than one posting.  Suppose your guest talked about social media for customer prospecting, and then discussed social media for customer services.  It could be one posting, but it could be two.


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